What is there to say about “Eraserhead”, David Lynch's first, dreamlike, horrifying film, a movie so weird it seems to defy all criticism and comment? Well, it turns out that if you're David Lynch, there's quite a lot to say. So, how about a whole hour and a half of discussion of the film, in the shaped of the Lynch-directed 2001 documentary “Eraserhead Stories”?

Not, of course, that Mr. Lynch is going to answer any questions you might have. Oh, no no no. He kicks right off by telling us that he doesn't even remember writing the script or coming up with the title: it just happened somehow. Nor is he ever, ever going to tell us how he made the baby. But, into a typically Lynchian 50s microphone, he will tell us how his very early adventures in movie-making came together, how he met some of the key people, where exactly he bought a bunch of nails really cheap (along, significantly, with some radiators), and more. 

It's a little shapeless – at one point he just rings up Catherine E. Coulson, the “Twin Peaks” Log Lady and the wife of Jack Nance, the film's central character -- to reminisce about hairstyling. But, c'mon, it's David Lynch. What did you expect?  Sit back and enjoy the madness. [Cinephilia & Beyond]