Girls Lena Dunham

So you still have no idea what the deal is with the hype around "Girls"? Or do you want to have a holiday marathon of the first season before the new episodes drop in January? Well, in both cases you're in luck, because next week Lena Dunham's hit show arrives on DVD and Blu-ray and with it will be a few extra baubles for fans.

Those that will likely attract the most interest are the deleted scenes, and the first one to pop online has confirmed that there is some great stuff to uncover that didn't make the episodes that aired. In this scene, Lena Dunham's Hannah follows up with a cupcake shop where she handed in her CV and, as always, the results are both kind of surreal and very funny. And in case you were wondering, the Little Cupcake Bakeshop is indeed real.

"Girls" season one is available to own on December 11th and season two begins on January 13th.