In case you haven't noticed, the forthcoming "Godzilla" doesn't have a whiff, suggestion or note of the campiness some of the previous incarnations of the movie monster may have had. And there's a very specific reason for that.

In a few featurette for the upcoming film, director Gareth Edwards discusses the approach, and wanting to take the material seriously. Why? In his view, because the original Toho Productions movie did, serving as much as an allegory as a thrillride, and it's something Edwards respected. Even more, the filmmaker takes sci-fi in general quite seriously, and it's refreshing to hear him reference Steven Spielberg in terms of the scale and craft he wants to bring to the movie hitting next month.

Still, the marketing department is having a bit of fun with this new, old school style poster. "Godzilla" crushes cars on May 16th.

Godzilla Poster