As we said over the weekend, "Divergent" might not be an outta of the park home run—it's no "The Hunger Games"—but its opening this past weekend was plenty strong enough to ensure that plans for a sequel will probably go ahead, especially if the next couple of weeks see it hold strong. And much of the conversation about "Divergent" at this point has been about its box office potential, and whether or not it can be the next YA stronghold. But what about the process of making the movie?

Well, with "Divergent" now in theatres, it's a perfect time to dip into the New York Times featurette, Anatomy Of A Scene. In this edition, director Neil Burger taking folks behind the scenes for the crucial sequence in which Shailene Woodley's Tris must decided which futuristic faction she'll belong to for the rest of her life. It's one that finds Burger playing with the theme of identity, and he explains what his visual approach was and how it also throws back to this previous effort "Limitless."

"Divergent" is now playing. Watch below.