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Nudity, lions, an art heist, outrageous accents and Stanley Tucci -- "Gambit" appears to have it all (depending on what your definition of "all" is), and a new, full-length trailer for the Coens-penned movie has dropped. And if anything, it proves that the brothers' brand of eccentricity-laced humor hasn't been lost in translation.

A remake of the 1966 Shirley Maclaine/Michael Caine flick, the plot follows a thief (Firth) who plans to steal a statue from one of the wealthiest men in the world (who also happens to be his boss) and enlists the help of a woman (Diaz) who is a dead ringer for the man's late wife to help him with job. But what happens when your partner in crime starts falling for the mark? Well, you wind up on the ledge of a building with no pants, or in an art gallery facing a ferocious lion. You know, the usual. Certainly, everyone looks to be having a ball here -- and Tucci usually makes everything he's in about 10-25% better -- and while it does have the broadness the Coens have shown in their work, it doesn't look to have the surrealness that usually makes it something special. But as a comedic yarn? Sure, we'll give it a shot.

"Gambit" opens in the U.K. on November 21st and comes stateside sometime in 2013. Watch below.