I Will Never Let You Down

The World Cup is underway, with soccer, marketing and artistry all colliding in various ways. As is the norm, big name talent is recruited by marketing types to make their once-every-four-years promotions shine, and the latest brought into the fold is Diego Luna, who makes most of the opportunity.

Not so much a video as a short film inspired by a song, Luna's gone behind the camera for "I Will Never Let You Down (Switch Remix)," Rita Ora's latest jam, featured on the Pepsi sponsored disc Beats Of The Beautiful Game. The short is rather lovely, documenting the very real 60 and over soccer league in Mexico City, Liga de Interclubes de Fútbol Soccer Amateur, that brings together men and women to continue playing the game they love. It's pretty great stuff, and if you're dying to hear that Ora song, it plays over the end credits. Give it all a look below.