Step Up All In

The power of dance will once again help young people fight each other or the man or whatever, as the fleet footed "Step Up" franchise continues this summer with "Step Up All In." And the first trailer is here to dazzle you with dudes sliding on their knees.

This time, the action takes hard bodied young people to Las Vegas, where a big showdown or something whatever blah blah blah DANCE! You know that scene in "Knocked Up" where Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd take shrooms and watch Cirque Du Soleil? Yeah, this trailer is like that but without the drugs. It's like Mardi Gras fell backwards into a bin of discarded Halloween costumes. Anyway, a bunch of faces from the previous movies are back including Briana Evigan but not Channing Tatum. Why hast thou forsaken the dance, C-tates?

"Step Up All In" arrives in 3D on July 25th.