Enemy, Jake Gyllenhaal

While the idea of an actor playing against himself is often utilized as a novelty selling point, it's clear that for director Denis Villeneuve and Jake Gyllenhaal it was just a starting point for what would be "Enemy." Based on the book by Jose Saramago and dealing with themes of identity, personality and more, it's a film that wants to be taken seriously, and not just for the technical feat of putting Jake Gyllenhaal on film opposite himself.

This new four-minute featurette is a cut above the usual sort of EPK package. Interviewing key and cast crew, it explores not only the hands on aspects of shooting the film, but some of the ideas and concepts Villeneuve and his team are looking to get across in their approach. As you probably already know by now, we think it all comes together pretty wonderfully, with our review out of TIFF saying it's "part enigmatic existentialist thriller, part psychosexual drama" that's "exceptionally dark, harrowing, and especially consuming."

"Enemy" is available on DirecTV and will open in limited release on March 14th. Watch below and also check out a new Instagram teaser.