Prometheus Alex Jones

There are conspiracy theorists and then there is Alex Jones. The kind of right-wing, sort-of-conservative, not-really-libertarian, alarmist radio show host has turned tin-foil-hat-wearing speculation into a viable business model, and continues to find any and every opportunity to weave together the barest strands of logic into iron-clad proof that the New World Order is upon us.

His latest target? Ridley Scott's "Prometheus." In his latest screed, Jones claims to have landed an early draft of the script that reveals that the sci-fi film is actually, secretly, about "the deepest secrets of the Illuminati mystery religion." Hoo boy...Anyway, if you can tolerate Jones' ear-pulverizing voice, watch below (we couldn't make it past the first couple of minutes). We're pretty sure his mind will explode when Paul Thomas Anderson's "The Master" comes out later this year.