Game Of Thrones

“Some of the most shocking and mindblowing scenes of the entire series come at the end of this coming season,” writer/co-creator David Benioff teases for fans in "Fire and Ice Foreshadowing," a lengthy 15-minute preview of "Game Of Thrones" season 4. Meanwhile, Peter Dinklage says that the show will top the Red Wedding from season 3. Those are some bold promises.

But so far, "Game Of Thrones" has not only matched but exceeded expectations, with the HBO show one of the biggest things on television at the moment. And it looks like they want to keep it that way, with the fourth season incorporating plot elements from both George R. R. Martin's "A Storm of Swords" and "A Song of Ice and Fire." What are you hoping to see see in the next batch of episodes?

Let us know below. "Game Of Thrones" returns on April 6th.