Cuban Fury

People of The Playlist, I come to you from across the sea, from the land known as Britain, with a message of great importance. Listen carefully, for it is this: just because we British people make a cheap-ass comedy does not mean you need to think it is charming and off-beat. There is an equally good chance it is terrible and unoriginal. And lo, a case in point. Behold, the arrival on your shores of the trailer for “Cuban Fury,” which here in London has been sweatily salsa-humping my eyeballs on every cinema visit for the past two months. 

So, yes, look—Nick Frost from all those Edgar Wright movies, that Chris O'Dowd whom you yanks like so much from “Bridesmaids” and “Girls,” the massively talented Olivia Colman, even Rashida Jones of “The Social Network” and “Parks and Recreation” crossed the pond for a role in this thing. These might be interpreted as good signs. But do not be fooled, for “Cuban Fury,” which details the attempts of Bruce Garrett (Frost) to impress and seduce his new American boss (Jones) with salsa skills and to ward off his lothario office rival Drew (O'Dowd), can surely only be terrible.

The British trailer has been falling flat on its arse for weeks, each punchline less punchy than the last. And now here is the American one, which swaps in a whole new set of uninspiring punchlines and falls, this time, on its ass. There's also a clip that basically embodies the two chief themes of the marketing material: dancing is a bit like fighting, and fat people dancing is really funny. Watch the trailer if you must, but please, I beg of you, people of America, stop going to see movies like this, so that my people can stop making them.