Ashes Ray Winstone Jim Sturgess

Remember when it was announced that Coldplay were co-financing a movie? No? Well, that was almost two years ago, and the fruits of their money's labor will now be seen in the finished product, "Ashes," a film noir that looks as confusing as it is generic, though it does boast Ray Winstone going blonde, "Memento"-style.

Co-starring Jim Sturgess, Luke Evans and Lesley Manville, it's unfortunate that the collective talents of all the actors, couldn't be in service of something better. Here's the synopsis: Jamie (Jim Sturgess), after many months of searching, finally tracks down his estranged father (Winstone), and together they embark on a dangerous road trip. However, with Frank becoming more unstable and Jamie's motives unclear, the journey gradually unravels their dark and sinister pasts.

Mat Whitecross, a frequent collaborator with the band who recently helmed their video for "Paradise" (and also directed the pretty terrible Ian Dury biopic "Sex And Drugs And Rock And Roll") got behind the camera here, and if the results look straight-to-DVD quality, well, that's because it is. The movie has skipped theaters and will land on DVD in the U.K. on January 28th. No word yet if or when it will cross the pond. Watch below.

Ashes Jim Sturgess
Ashes Lesley Manville