Babylon Brit Marling James Nesbitt

Ranked in the top five of our 20 Most Anticipated TV Shows Of 2014, we could spend a long time explaining the various minor reasons why "Babylon" is one we're eagerly anticipating, but we'll just get to the point with two words: Danny Boyle. Yep, the filmmaker behind "Trainspotting," "127 Hours," "Slumdog Millionaire" and more is bringing his usually kinetic energy to the small screen, and we have to say, it looks fantastic.

The first trailer has dropped for "Babylon," and you'll be hard pressed to pick a single line of dialogue you like most from this cop comedy (highlights include: "This is so far off the record, even I don't know I'm saying it" and "We need to tell people everything, including what we don't know"). The quips come from "Peep Show" writers Sam Bains and Jesse Armstrong who penned the show, that will center on an American new-media expert (Brit Marling) who's hired to transform the PR of the London police department (with James Nesbitt as part of the top brass).

And overall, it looks like a fresh take on the fish-out-of-water concept, with a sharp eye towards actual police work, all packaged into Boyle's distinctive style. The pilot episode will air on Channel 4 in the U.K. on Sunday, February 9th. The six part first season is set to shoot this spring, and expected to air later this year. Watch below.