"Godzilla" is coming. We're two weeks away from cinema's most famous monster returning and stomping all over screens around the world, and for the all special effects, it's director Gareth Edwards stirring up the most excitement. His enthusiasm has been front and center of a number of mini-promos for the movie, and that continues today, where he names his three biggest inspirations.

A man who grew up in the blockbuster age, it's not surprising to hear Edwards name George Lucas and Steven Spielberg among his heroes, but Quentin Tarantino also ranks for the filmmaker, as he recollects being blown away as a teenager by "Reservoir Dogs." Meanwhile, a new featurette goes behind the scenes, highlighting the realistic approach taken by the production, with Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Olsen sharing their thoughts on the movie which looks like it's aiming to make your hair stand on end.

"Godzilla" arrives on May 16th. Watch below.