R.I.P.D. Ryan Reynolds

While the world’s attention may be focused on how well “Pacific Rim” will do this weekend, by next week we’ll all be questioning whether or not Ryan Reynolds has the star power to make a splash during the summer season. His last big spectacle, “Green Lantern,” was quite the flop when it hit theaters in 2011. With “R.I.P.D.” marking his return to the summer season next week, the promotional vehicle has kicked into high gear and started churning out a slew of features and clips, which you can view below.

Jeff Bridges teams with Reynolds in the flick as two deceased law men who now work for the “Rest In Peace Department.” Their mission is to protect the living from the restless souls of the dead who return to the mortal plane looking to wreak havoc. So basically, "Men In Black" meets the "un-dead." In the videos below, you’ll see a couple of new TV spots, a few featurettes with the actors discussing their excitement for the film, and four clips which help you get acclimated to the universe of the movie, including how the dead cops wear different avatars when they roam around Earth. Okay, then.

“R.I.P.D.” hits theaters on July 19th.

RIPD, Ryan Reynolds
RIPD, Ryan Reynolds
RIPD (skip)