Saint Laurent

If you've been waiting for a movie about legendary fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, 2014 is your year. In February at the Berlin Film FestivalJalil Lespert dropped "Yves Saint Laurent" with Pierre Niney in the lead role and... it wasn't very good. Then a few months later at Cannes, Bertrand Bonello's "Saint Laurent" arrived with Gaspard Ulliel in the title part and it too wasn't very good. But still, you're going to probably watch one of these, so why not the one with Léa Seydoux?

The first international trailer has arrived for "Saint Laurent" (sorry, no subs) and it's about what you'd expect. In case you were not aware, the fashion world was/is pretty decadent, with lots of very good looking people lounging around, having sex and smoking cigarettes and oh yeah, designing clothes and stuff too. But again, if you're just here for the eye candy and aren't expecting much else, then "Saint Laurent" will probably do the trick just fine.

Co-starring Jérémie Renier, Louis Garrel and more, there's no release date yet for this one, but it will be released via Sony Pictures Classics.