Bolaji Badejo Alien behind the scenes

Long before 3D, digital effects, RED cameras and whatever other tech gizmos Ridley Scott played with for "Prometheus," there was his original "Alien." A much more lo-fi production by today's standards, the movie still thrilled with its H.R. Giger designed creatures and unrelenting sense of dread. And while you wait for the mailman to drop "Prometheus" in your mailbox next week, here's a bit of a trip back in time.

It's been kicking around the internet for a while now, but it's still a pretty intesting peek. Some test footage -- presumably from one of the home video releases of "Alien" -- of actor Bolaji Badego (see above) stalking the halls of The Nostromo in a prototype costume, gives a pretty good glimpse that Scott and co must've known they were on to something awesome early on. And frankly, this is more terrifying than Dr. Manhattan The Engineer.

Give it a little whirl below -- "Prometheus" hits your home theater on October 9th. [Reddit]