Already burned through "House Of Cards"? Trying to figure out what to get into next with only two episodes left to go of "True Detective"? You might want to give "Hannibal" a spin. Though not perfect, the first season of the NBC series was a pretty entertaining and smart piece of pulp overall, led by a pitch perfect Mads Mikkelsen performance as the titular cannibal. With a cliffhanger ending that saw the tables turned on FBI agent Will Graham (Hugh Dancy), it's a helluva starting point for the second season. Only we didn't realize just how bracing that kick off to the new batch of episodes will be.

EW has the opening scene from the first episode of season two, and it wastes no time getting down to brass tacks. It seems there won't be much dancing around whether or not Hannibal is just an innocent psychologist or a cold-blooded killer with the cannibal and FBI honcho Jack Crawford getting into some bloody fisticuffs. Are we already going to see a major character die?

There's only one way to find out — tune in on Friday at 10 PM to see how it all goes down.