Carrie, Moretz

This weekend, a young girl goes into the woods and comes out covered in blood after 90 minutes or so of sheer mayhem. And while "Carrie" may not have to employ the use of a chainsaw, she's got some other powers on hand that nonetheless will still leave things ending just as red.

The brand new, full length trailer for the remake of "Carrie" is here, putting the teenage girl's telekinetic powers on full display. Chloe Moretz leads the Kimberly Peirce directed redo, and word on the street is that it hews a bit closer to Stephen King's novel than Brian De Palma's classic '70s take. "It's less of a remake and more of a retelling of the book," Moretz told Marie Claire earlier this year. "It's a romantic-abusive love story between mother and daughter that, even if you had a fine life growing up, brings out every insecurity within you." 

So, now that you've had a better look after the first brief teaser, what are you thoughts? Does Moretz give Sissy Spacek a run for her money? Is Moore on point? Tell us below. "Carrie" gets revenge on October 18th.