Frank, Gyllenhaal, Fassbender

As you might already we know, we've fallen for "Frank." In our review out of Sundance, we called the film "an off-the-wall and terrific paean to the misfits and freaks of the world," but even that doesn't quite begin to scratch the surface of this wildly original movie. But today, a couple of helpful pieces of video are here to give you a sense of the tone of the upcoming movie.

Michael Fassbender plays the titular Frank in the film, with a story following Domhnall Gleeson's character being recruited to play in his band, and the antics that ensue when they retreat to a cabin to record a new album. But nothing is quite as weird as Frank himself, who wears a papier maché head, and in this clip, Gleeson tries to find out what the deal with that is. Meanwhile, a lengthy 10-minute featurette dives even deeper, exploring with tones, approach and true story background of the movie, with Fassbender, Gleeson, screenwriter Jon Ronson and director Lenny Abrahamson.

Check it all out and be sure to catch "Frank" when it opens on August 22nd.