There is probably no more terrifying word a friend or loved one can utter than cancer. Those six letters can profoundly change a life, and that's at the core of "Lily," the directorial debut of Matt Creed.

Co-written by Creed and Amy Grantham, who also leads the picture, the film is inspired by her own true life experiences and delves into the surreal world of being both a cancer patient and then a survivor. The movie follows the titular Lily, who had her life reoriented by cancer, and then shifted all over again when the disease was gone. With the c-word, that defined your existence for such an intense period of time, how do you move on? And in this exclusive clip, we see how Lily has a difficult time coming to grips that she's okay, and makes a literally hair-raising revelation to her friend.

"Lily" will premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival on Saturday, April 20th at Clearview Cinemas Chelsea 4.