Star Wars Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford isn't an easy interview at the best of times. Prickly, distant and not one to suffer fools easily, an interview with Harrison Ford isn't so much a professional courtesy as a death match, where any journalist hopes to come out at least half alive. And undoubtedly, Ford will be pushed to the limit when it comes to "Star Wars," and his rumored involvement in J.J. Abrams' "Star Wars: Episode 7." So leave it to Jimmy Kimmel to brilliantly riff off Ford's persona, with the actor gamely playing along.

In this clip from "Jimmy Kimmel Live," Ford is on hand to promote the baseball flick "42" but puts up his guard when Kimmel tries to circle "Star Wars." The host opens up the floor to the audience to ask questions, and what happens next...well, just watch. It's pretty perfectly conceived and very funny. Watch below. [AV Club]