As you've no doubt heard, there are few films like Richard Linklater's "Boyhood." A coming-of-age story that was literally shot as the lead actor, Ellar Coltrane, grew from a boy to a young man, Linklater filmed the movie for a few days over the course of a dozen years, compiling a unique cinematic scrapbook. There is, however, at least one other film project that has allowed us to see the lead character grow up with its audience, and that's the Harry Potter franchise, which not only catapulted Daniel Radcliffe to worldwide fame, but also put him in the position of living out his awkward years on the big screen (as a wizard).

So it didn't take long for the parody trailer "Potterhood" to arrive, courtesy of Slate. And it's nicely cut, taking viewers on a journey through the eight film series, as we watch Radcliffe age before our eyes. The video editors have wisely kept Family of the Year’s “Hero,” which powers the "Boyhood" trailer, to do the emotional lifting here. But enough of our yakkin'! Watch it below. [via Slashfilm]