Thor: The Dark World

Far be it from us to snark about "Thor: The Dark World" as people seem to like it and plans are already underway for "Thor 3." But even for those who like the franchise, be honest—it's still third string in the current Marvel universe behind "The Avengers" and "Captain America," right? It is a little goofy, too, and Screen Junkies have detailed just how silly Thor can get. 

The Honest Trailer for "Thor: The Dark World" lays bare the dorky pseudo-science, the forgettable villains and the convenience of everyone trusting Loki all the time, even though he betrays them over and over again. Nitpicking? Sure, but it's fun and it's perhaps a reminder that these movies need to be taken a bit lightly sometimes. Especially since they are basically $200 million placeholders for the next "The Avengers." So watch below and for bonus fun, here's a deleted scene from the movie featuring Volstagg. Hooray!