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Watch If You Dare: Someone Mashed Up Stanley Kubrick & Skrillex To Create 5-Minute 'Kubrillex'

by Kevin Jagernauth
May 2, 2014 3:47 PM
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Before commenters wail, "This is two years old!" yes, it is two years old, but it's the first time we're seeing it, so deal. Secondly, it's just such a weird idea, it's almost so bad it's so good not to share, so onwards....

While Stanley Kubrick has spawned tribute reels, "Siskel & Ebert" specials, montages of his symmetrical shots and much more, it seems someone decided, "Fuck it. I'm gonna cut together a bunch of Kubrick scenes and throw some Skrillex on top of it." Welcome to "Kubrillexx," which is exactly what it sounds like. The scenes aren't even particularly put together to the rhythm of the EDM artist's "Kill Everyone," they're just kinda thrown side by side. And yet, it's weirdly compelling. See if you can make it through the whole thing below. Warning: it might ruin music or Kubrick for you.

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  • sagi | May 3, 2014 5:24 AMReply

    It was awesome,but when the film industry gonna find out there is other dubstep artists? both 'spring brakers' and 'Wreck it ralph' used Skrillex,but there are so much more great dubstep artists...

  • Leigh | May 2, 2014 4:39 PMReply

    Horrible song, crappy editing. Lame.

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