Game Of Thrones, Season 4 finale, The Children

If there was any doubt that "Game Of Thrones" is the biggest thing on television right now (and there wasn't), this morning, HBO's fantasy drama walked away with 19 Emmy Award nominations, beating a very competitive pack. It's the most watched show in HBO's history, and each season sees the series expanding in scope and scale. And that means more money being spent on visual effects and all the details that bring the world of Westeros and beyond to life. And today, with a bit of perfect timing, comes a behind-the-scenes look at how it all comes together.

The folks at VFX company Mackevision have dropped a five minute VFX reel that highlights the absolutely impressive work that goes into creating the landscapes and backdrops for "Game Of Thrones." You'll be surprised at just how much is left to computers to fill out the show, and frankly, we'll say a prayer for the wrists of the entire VFX team who must spend hundreds of hours making this happen. Give it a spin below. [No Film School]