Inside Llewyn Davis

Among the many accomplishments that the Coen Brothers can lay claim to (in addition to their countless accolades, awards and undeniable selection of impeccable films), it's that they take the most unlikely of concepts and manage to turn them into crowd-pleasing hits. A movie about a folk singer in the '60s struggling and trying to make it doesn't exactly scream a fun night at the movies on a Saturday night, on the page. But in execution, "Inside Llewyn Davis" is a hilarious, music driven grand time that's also smartly observed and moving too.

And much of that success comes down the film's lead, Oscar Isaac, playing the put upon Llewyn Davis, trying to make on his own as singer-songwriter against an evolving folk music scene. And in this first clip from Moviefone, we see the musician trying to have a meeting with his literal Mom and Pop run record label, and not really getting anywhere. After that, you can check out a trailer for the upcoming Showtime concert film, "Another Day, Another Time" featuring the cast of the Coens' film alongside a hotshot list of artists (Patti Smith, Elvis Costello, Jack White, Marcus Mumford, etc.) performing songs from the movie from a show recorded earlier this year in New York City. And it's another reminder of how good the music in the movie is.

"Inside Llewyn Davis" plays a tune near you on December 20th with the concert doc airing on Showtime on December 13th at 10PM EST.  Watch below.