Iron Man 3

...because there is a marketing budget to spend, that's why. That's the answer to your question as to why Marvel keeps pumping out material for "Iron Man 3," which pretty much everyone on the planet Earth knows by now is coming out in a few short weeks. But there are still some treats to be had inside the blitzkrieg of advertising.

This new featurette, while serving some obvious purposes -- with RDJ noting it's a "continuation" of the billion dollar "The Avengers" -- does peel back the curtain a bit more, as we get a good dose of new footage, particularly when it comes to supporting players Don Cheadle, Jon Favreau, Rebecca Hall and Guy Pearce (his eyebrows grew back!). But aside from that, there's not much more aside from Gwyneth Paltrow revealing RDJ wanted more for her to do this time around, and proclamations that is the most "emotionally satisfying" of the "Iron Man" movies.

Will you cry? Find out when "Iron Man 3" hits on May 3rd.