James Franco has done many, many things in his career as an artist/writer/actor/director, but he's yet to cross action movie villain off his list. Well, until now. Finally, the definitive answer who is tougher—Franco or Jason Statham—will be answered in "Homefront," which boasts Sylvester Stallone as both writer and producer. You've been warned.

Directed by Gary Fleder ("Runaway Jury," "The Express"), who clearly loves blue filters, the movie is a lesson to respect your neighbours, because they might be meth cooking white trash hell bent on ruining your life after they break into your house and discover you're an undercover cop. Franco seems to be having fun as the almost-mustache-twirling villain, while Statham just goes around punching and kicking people, because that's what he does. And then we just sorta zoned out until we started wondering where Winona Ryder and Frank Grillo are.

Also featuring Kate Bosworth, "Homefront" arrives on November 27th. Watch below.