Big Sur

With last year's "On The Road," and the forthcoming "Kill Your Darlings," both films catch up with the Beats just as the fuse went off, showcasing the music and culture that turned them into generation shaping writers. Now, director Michael Polish takes a different approach with "Big Sur," one that promises to have a rather refreshing insight into the man who words continue to leap off the page.

Starring Jean-Marc Barr, Josh Lucas, Kate Bosworth, Anthony Edwards, Radha Mitchell, Balthazar Getty and Henry Thomas, "Big Sur" is based off the Kerouac novel of the same name, and finds the writer at a crossroads, struggle with fame, his identity, drugs and his relationship with Neal Cassady's mistress. In this exclusive clip, we see him articulate his concerns about his public perception versus his private misgivings, and it's coupled with some rather lovely photography by Polish and cinematographer M. David Mullen.

Big Sur" opens on November 1st. Check out the clip below along with a brand new poster as well.

Big Sur Poster