While we spent a good chunk of the fall praising "Prisoners" (it featured one of our favorite shots of 2013), equally excellent is Jake Gyllenhaal and Denis Villeneuve's other collaboration "Enemy." Catching the film at TIFF, we described it as "part enigmatic existentialist thriller, part psychosexual drama" and one that is "exceptionally dark, harrowing, and especially consuming." Basically, it's one of the Best Films Of 2014 We've Already Seen and with a spring release date set, we're going to be seeing much more from the film very soon.

So to start, here's a brand new poster (via IMPA) alongside a couple more pics from the film.  Based on the novel by Jose Saramago, and co-starring Melanie Laurent, Sarah Gadot and Isabella Rosselinni, "Enemy" finds Gyllenhaal taking on dual roles, playing a paranoid teacher who believes he's found his exact doppelganger, who then starts trying to figure out who exactly this person is. It's pretty rich stuff for an actor, and that's something Gyllenhaal expressed in conversation with Villeneuve, following a recent TIFF screening of the film during their Top 10 Canadian Films Of 2013 series.

Check out excerpts from that talk, a new image and poster below. "Enemy" opens on March 14th.

Enemy Poster