Spring Breakers, James Franco skip crop

Wacky cornrows aren't the only things James Franco has in Harmony Korine's zany "Spring Breakers." In the latest clip from the film, he brags about the wild assortment of wares his drug-slinging dealer has in his pretty pimped out apartment/house/condo whatever.

Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, and Rachel Korine purr and giggle in the background as Franco explains in a pretty wild accent (shades of his "Pineapple Express" bud Danny McBride?) about his shorts, shirts and gold bullets. This is a bit more of the mode we were expecting from the film, which threw us for a loop with its quasi-existential first clip. It should be noted, this is taken from the Venice Film Festival's Opening Ceremony reel, hence why it's so brief. But it's still worth a quick spin.

If you're not in Venice, you can catch "Spring Breakers" in Toronto and for everyone else, they'll likely have to wait until next year. There is no distributor on this one yet. [via The Film Stage]