In 2013, James Franco has played Alien ("Spring Breakers"), Oz ("Oz The Great And Powerful"), Darl Bundren ("As I Lay Dying"), Hugh Hefner ("Lovelace") and James Franco ("This Is The End"). Say what you will, but Franco can sure choose 'em. And now for his next unlikely gig? He plays a dude named Gator in the Sylvester Stallone-penned (yes, really) "Homefront."

A new red band trailer has dropped for the movie, and well, it's what you might expect from something penned by Stallone and starring Jason Statham. The Brit action star plays a regular Joe America type who is secretly ex-DEA. He's forced to use his special skills to protect his family when Gator is urged to fuck with him by his wife (Kate Bosworth) for some perceived slight or something. Does it matter what the reason is? All you need to know is Franco sneers, Statham punches things and at the end of 90 minutes, you'll probably wonder how you could've better spent your time.

"Homefront" defends its turf on November 27th.