PHOTO Jason Statham & Asian Math Child Genius Cause Havoc In Trailer For 'Safe'

Believe it or not, it's going to be a staggering three months until you see the next film starring Jason Statham. The actor, who brought us no less than three movies in 2011 -- "The Mechanic," "Blitz," "Killer Elite" (okay, he did a voice in "Gnomeo & Juliet" too) -- is taking a brief respite from the multiplex.

Originally set to be released this fall, "Safe" has been pushed to next spring and it's the Jason Statham-iest movie yet. The first trailer for the movie has landed and yes, you've seen this dozens of time before. Statham plays a former elite agent operative (of course) who now apparently hangs out in subway stations, and gets involved with the plight of a plucky young Asian girl who is like, really good with numbers and has something or other that a bunch of bad guys and/or the cops need. So Statham does what he knows best in this situation: he cracks some fucking skulls. The film is from Boaz Yakin who wrote and directed "Fresh" oh those many years ago but has failed to match it since. And "Safe" looks like yet another pedestrian run through Statham territory that takes its audience for granted almost as egregiously as "Jack & Jill," so go see this at your own peril.

It opens on March 2, 2012.