Skyfall Daniel Craig Javier Bardem

"Skyfall" is hitting theaters soon which means Sony and MGM are ramping up the marketing effort, which means....more clips! Yet another brief snippet from the movie, and another moment from the trailer with a few more beats added on.

However, this time we get to see a bit more of Javier Bardem's baddie Silva, who this writer is still having a hard time buying into as a truly threatening villain. Yet behind that terrible wig and fey demeanor does seem to lie some true psychotic behaviour and as you'll see below, he lets 007 know he can do damage with little more than a push of a button. Our man in the UK saw the film last week, reviewed it and said Sam Mendes and co. bring "a confident new identity for the franchise" which after "Quantum Of Solace" is good news indeed.

"Skyfall" opens overseas on October 26th, but folks stateside will have to keep waiting until November 9th. [ComingSoon]