Silver Linings

After months of speculation, argument, debate, prognostication and guesswork, it's hard to believe that the Oscars are just over a week away, and yet the final hurrah for the contenders continues. "60 Minutes" recently put Steven Spielberg and "Lincoln" back in the spotlight, and now "Nightline" turns the camera to "Silver Linings Playbook."

Star and Oscar nominee Jennifer Lawrence got seven minutes on the show, and it's a quick overview of her rise so far, punctuated by her always entertaining asides and general amazement that she's even a star. There's nothing exactly revelatory here, but she does admit that her saucy Esquire shoot helped her rise to fame -- some things just don't change in Hollywood. But it's a decent look at the actress who in a few short years has put her mark on indie dramas, mainstream crowdpleasers and blockbuster franchises in equal measure. Watch below. [Awards Daily]