Christ Of Waltz

It's been a little while since Zach Galifianakis got on to the very low budget set of his talk show "Between Two Ferns," but he's back and has served up a doozy. It's Oscar time, and the actor has taken the opportunity to sit down with the nominees. The results are pretty hilarious.

From a combative Jennifer Lawrence to a drunken Anne Hathaway to Christoph Waltz revealing he says the n-word more in real life than in "Django Unchained," it's all pretty great stuff. And while Naomi Watts talking about toilets is the only lull, Amy Adams caps it off with...well, just watch it. In the midst of the Oscar season, when everyone tends to be keeping it serious and safe so as to not rock the boat of their campaigns, it's kind of nice to see everyone here playing it loose and relaxed. Give it a watch below. [SplitSider]