Jennifer Lawrence The House At The End Of The Street

Beautiful girl in a white tank top? Check. Low rent horror concept? Check. Lots of running around and missed cell phone calls? Check. Looks like all the ingredients are in place "The House At The End Of The End Street," the latest low-grade horror movie to feature an actress who has since moved on to much bigger and better things.

Starring Jennifer Lawrence, Max Theriot and Elisabeth Shue, the movie tells the story of a mother (Shue) and daughter (Lawrence) who move to a new town, only to discover their house was the place where a family was slaughtered, and a lone survivor, a young man (Theriot), still lives there. The two kids embark on a romance, but soon darker secrets come to the surface. This is all pretty rote stuff, and we can't see anything here that differentiates it from numerous straight-to-DVD titles except for the fact that it has the star of "The Hunger Games" in it.

We'll see the results on September 21st, but until then, watch the trailer below or in hi-def at Apple.