Zero Dark Thirty Jessica Chastain

There are many more critics' groups to go and weeks of campaigning and twists and turns to come, but at least for this afternoon, Kathryn Bigelow's "Zero Dark Thirty" is at the front of the Oscar pack, thanks to a three award win courtesy of the New York Film Critics Circle. Taking Best Picture, Best Director and Best Cinematography, it looks like the picture is going to be a major player.

And a new clip has dropped online that, while not as dramatic as the first one with Jessica Chastain chewing out Kyle Chandler, does provide more than enough gravitas without a single word. The scene shows Maya (Chastain), the film's central character, a dogged agent after Osama Bin Laden, watching as Seal Team Six takes off into the night, presumbly to take down the terrorist leader.

A picture we called "gripping and riveting," the buzz continues to grow around Bigelow's latest that could see her once again taking the stage at the Kodak Dolby Theater in February. "Zero Dark Thirty" opens in limited release on December 19th and goes wide January 11th.