Upside Down Jim Sturgess

It's coming on three years now since shooting began on "Upside Down," but the movie is finally making its way to theaters, and it's been spruced up with a 3D conversion. But one can't help but wonder if the timing on this just isn't that ideal. Why?

Well, the film is led by Jim Sturgess, who less than six months ago was in "Cloud Atlas," another futuristic sci-fi flick that found him in an impossible romance. And once again, love is impeded by The Man, only this time the object of his eye is Kirsten Dunst, with the movie taking place in a world where there are parallel planets, but never shall the two sides mix or interact. But love doesn't follow any rules bro, and Adam (Sturgess) is determined to do anything he can to see Eden (eyeroll). The metaphors here about the haves and have-nots are about as a subtle as a brick to the face, and it all seems pretty heavy-handed, again, like "Cloud Atlas."

Anyway, the movie lands on March 15th. Check out the trailer and poster below. [Collider]

Upside Down Poster