easy money II

Next month, on the same weekend, you'll get to see two different sides to Joel Kinnaman. In the big budget Hollywood remake of "RoboCop," he'll be suited up to fight crime and take out bad guys all while soundtrack to some awful rawk riffs. Meanwhile, in the foreign thriller "Easy Money: Hard To Kill," he'll be on the other side of the law, deep in the drug game. And Kinnaman is a bit more interesting as a morally complicated man than an indestructible heroic cop.

A new U.S. trailer and poster has arrived to bring you up to speed in case you missed the movie the original "Snabba Cash" aka "Easy Money" (which served as the breakout movie both for Kinnaman and director Daniel Espinosa). This time around, it's Babak Najafi at the helm for the sequel, with Kinnaman's ex-con JW attempting to make good, swindled, and then thrust back in the life he was so desperately trying to leave behind. Maybe not the most original premise, but one executed solidly, with our review saying it "does what sequels should - it widens the thematic playing area of the tale told so far, even while thinning out the cast further, and it makes us look forward, with only slightly tempered expectations, to installment 3."

"Easy Money: Hard To Kill" arrives in theaters and on VOD on February 14th. Watch below.

Easy Money: Hard To Kill Poster