John Hillcoat Pierce Brosnan

The Olympics are here, and aside from the expensive, overblown spectacle, there are sports happening and advertising too. Lots of it. And some of it, with some directors you might have heard of.

One of those guys is John Hillcoat, no stranger to taking on ad gigs from time to time, and his latest is for the "GE Works" campaign. While not quite as lyrical as that Levi's ad he did that got Terrence Malick nerds all hot and bothered, this one is more or less a straight info advert, letting viewers know how the mega-conglomerate helps American athletes with their advance imaging technology to see into their muscles to help them perform or something. It's well shot, we'll say that.

Meanwhile, in a non-sports related spot, Pierce Brosnan unofficially reprises his role as James Bond in an ad for Italian online game site Lottomatica. It's pretty whatever, but holy shit, is that Jackie Treehorn's house? Watch below. [AgencySpy/AdRants]