A Good Day to Die Hard Bruce Willis

Almost like it was ripped out of a moldy file from a leftover box of studio notes from the 1980s, John McClane is back and this time he's going to...Russia? Okay, fine. That seems to be the hawt new blockbuster place with both "Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol" and upcoming "Jack Ryan" visiting the country. And so it goes for "A Good Day To Die Hard" and will there be some fish out of water comedy? You betcha!

In the first clip from the film our hero stops a car in the middle of traffic and then slaps the driver of a Mercedes SUV (product placement!) because he doesn't understand what he's yelling about as he steals his car. Ha ha. He then drives it off a bridge and over some cars before ramming it into a military vehicle, while some generic action music plays and....omg why does everything look so blue?

"A Good Die To Hard" opens on Valentine's Day.