Kanye West Tribeca

Tomorrow at the Tribeca Film Festival, producer Rick Rubin and Kanye West will be receiving an award on behalf the Roland RT-808 (no we don't know exactly what that means either) as part of the Disruptive Innovation Awards. Sadly, they won't be on hand to attend, but they send this video instead. And it's awesome.

Put together by Mark Romanek (who directed Kanye's bud Jay Z's "Picasso Baby"), this is a major headfuck of a video, pasting together "Laurel & Hardy," "Pink Floyd The Wall," random bits of music (including Yeezus jam "I'm In It), subtitles and god knows what else in a perfectly insane acceptance video. Frankly, this is better than whatever crazy thing Kanye might've said in person. So yeah, pretty inspired, crazy stuff... all inspired by the little Roland RT-808, that thirty years, is still behind some truly weirdness. Watch below. [Pitchfork]