Katharine Hepburn

Following Sunday's Oscars, which was one of the highest rated shows in recent memory, we had a few suggestions on how things could be improved next year. And one of those ideas was killing the montages or basically anything extraneous that doesn't have any bearing on the matter at hand—handing out awards. And we doubt that will happen if only because the Oscar show is built on pageantry, celebration of its own achievements and more, and that was the case even way back in the day when Bob Hope was hosting.

A newly released nine-minute reel takes us back to 1967 and the 40th Academy Awards, where Best Actress winners Katharine Hepburn, Olivia de Havilland, Grace Kelly and Anne Bancroft were brought in to share different portions of four decades of Oscar history. Each actress tackles a different decade, sharing the memorable films and performances that marked those years.

So sit back and remember when the Oscars had more glamour and less selfies, and watch below.