Draft Day

Well, here's a no brainer: do you have a football movie? Advertise it during the Super Bowl, especially if it has the backing/blessing of the NFL. And that's just what Summit are doing for their upcoming "Draft Day."

You can't escape Kevin Coster right now, with the actor putting down the weapons from "Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit" and "3 Days To Kill" (check out the new trailer) to play a rogue football coach this spring, in the forthcoming sports drama from Ivan Reitman. "Draft Day" follows Cleveland Browns coach Sonny Weaver, who rocks the football world when he makes some moves to secure the number one pick and, of course, his actions ruffle all kinds feathers in the organization. Yep, this is a movie about contracts and trades. Excitement! But hell, if "Moneyball" could make sabermetrics interesting...

"Draft Day" opens on April 11th.