Photo Kevin Spacey American Airlines

While most Hollywood actors go overseas to get paid big bucks to do TV ads, Kevin Spacey isn't your average actor. He's been working with American Airlines for a while now and just in time for the holiday season, he's done three more spots for the company, that are actually not too bad at all.

In a campaign designed to emphasize American Airlines' commitment to customer service to all kinds of different people, Spacey gears up as three wildly different people: a Dieter-esque, po-mo sort of dude; a Jeff Bridges-esque family man and, putting on some Benjamin Button makeup, an older, tea-drinking, newspaper reading retiree. And it's pretty great fun to watch him play up these different personas that certainly makes us forget that air travel -- no matter who you're with -- tends to be a total nightmare.

Anyhow, it's worth a few moments of your time to wind down the day. Check out the ads below. [Adrants/The Inspiration Room]