Camp X-Ray

After Robert Pattinson finally washed the stench of “Twilight” off his reputation via his excellent performance in “The Rover," it appears that Kristen Stewart’s up next with her role as a soldier assigned to Guantanamo Bay who makes friends with a detainee in graphic designer Peter Sattler’s first feature, “Camp X-Ray”. It should help that her co-star is Peyman Moaadi, who gave one of this decade’s best performances in “A Separation." And a new trailer has arrived.

Written and directed by Peter Sattler, the film follows a young woman who's deployed as a guard at Guantanamo Bay and chronicles the unlikely friendship she develops with one of the detainees. Even though the critical reaction to “Camp X-Ray” during its festival run has been mixed, many critics found much to admire in Stewart’s performance. And long as she doesn’t have a line as dumb as “you named my baby after the Lock Ness Monster!?," we should be fine.

"Camp X-Ray" opens on VOD and in theaters on October 17th. Watch below.