Nymphomaniac Lars von Trier

With Lars von Trier sticking to the vow he made following Nazi-comment-gate to no longer speak to the press or do interviews, it means that if you want to hear the director speak, you'll have to dig into the archives. And luckily, the folks at The Seventh Art have done just that.

They've unearthed director Sophie Fiennes' ("A Pervert's Guide To Cinema," "A Pervert's Guide To Ideology," "Over Your Cities Grass Will Grow") debut, the 10-minute 1998 short documentary, "Lars From 1-10." As the title suggest, the all-too-short film finds von Trier addressing the ten rules of the Dogme '95 manifesto that sought to strip all manner of artifice from the filmmaking process, while providing brief glimpses of behind the scenes footage from "The Idiots" (taken from the longer documentary, "The Humiliated").

Basically, it's a must for von Trier fans and for anyone who wants to see the filmmaker while so young, and still filled with the provocative nature that would inform his later films.