Grand central

While "Grand Central" is a decent enough name for the Lea Seydoux and Tahar Rahim starring romance, a more fitting title might be, "Love In The Time Of Nuclear Power." The Rebecca Zlotowski directed film follows an affair that's heated up not just by the individuals involved, by also by the looming nuclear power permanently in the distance....

The story follows Gary (Rahim), who finds work on the maintenance team at a local power station, where Gilles (Olivier Gourmet) serves as the team lead. But it's Toni (Denis Ménochet) who takes an interest in Gary, looking out for the new recruit, but sparks fly when Gary and Toni's fiancee Karole (Lea Seydoux) start an affair. And it's charged stuff with our review out of Cannes noting the film's "quiet intelligence and empathy" and the moral that " love...can blossom, and perhaps even thrive in the most toxic of environments."

"Grand Central" opens in the U.K. on July 18th. No U.S. release date or distributor just yet. [Live For Films]

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